Well first, I hope you can tell my passion for this industry is genuine just by what you’ve seen here on the website. I’d be ashamed to tell you how many hours I’ve logged to date while creating & maintaining it! 🙂
My vision is to offer Lexington  it’s only “high-line” detailing service.  There is a heavy market demand  for this luxury type of detailing.  We currently work on everything from motorcycles to recreational vehicles.
Me?…I spent the last decade in the mortgage industry, most of which was in Denver Colorado.  And before that in sales and the Air Force. I met my wife there and after making trips to Lexington for her family reunions for several years, we decided this would be a wonderful community to raise our children. Of which we have three, two girls and boy. Savannah, Kennedy & Cal.
We moved here in the summer of 2004 and along with that I thought it was time for me to sink my teeth into a long time passion in the way of professionally detailing.  I used to spend hour after hour in my garage while often fielding the question as my wife stuck her head out the door asking… “when are you coming in?”
I have to say it did take some convincing, and not everyone was sold on the ideas I had but… It’s been over TEN years (June 05) and it’s been a blessing in more ways than I can count. 
There’s nothing like popping out of bed every morning chomping at the bit to get to work.  There never seems like there’s enough hours in a day when you truly love your job.
I hope you come see us!