Join the VIG Club

The “Very Important Gorilla” is our version of a VIP Club! We feel that by cleaning your car FOUR times a year, you can greatly improve future values, not to mention garner attention and pride. So we created a FREE discount club to reward our most loyal clients!  

The V.I.G. (Very Important Gorilla!) is our Quarterly Maintenance plan and includes the Exterior Detail Package consisting of a thorough hand wash, hand dry, door jambs, windows, wheels, tire shine and hand applied “Premier” by IGL Coatings! More technically advanced than Carnauba Wax, “Premier” is a hydrophobic, high gloss, high slick and dirt repelling coating that will last up to six months. You must maintain your quarterly schedule with the registered vehicle to keep your hefty discount in place. Don’t worry we’ll set you up on auto reminders with links to schedule online! It’s a great way to keep a few bananas in your wallet as well as having overlapping protection on your vehicle at all times!


4 Exterior Detail Packages / Year

1 every 12 weeks

Hand Wash, “Premier” by IGL Coatings

Door Jambs, Windows, Wheels and Tire Shine


Big Savings To Our VIG Members

30 – 45%

Frequently Asked Questions About The VIG Program

What's Included?

Hand Wash, Hand Dry, Yellow Carnauba Paste Wax – Hand applied and hand removed, Door Jambs, Windows, Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined

Can I get the Inside cleaned?

The inside is not included as part of the QM Plan. will be offered in the following ways.  1.) Vacuum & Dust

How does it work?
GorillaShine will contact you automatically every 3 months to let you know that your vehicle is due for service. You never even have to think about it!
How do I sign up?

​Just call, email or let us know at the time of your appointment if you’d like to get on the plan. 

How do I pay?

You only pay as you go.  you do not have to “pre-pay” for services.

What is my obligation for this discounted price?

You must maintain 4 visits a year with the car you signed up on the plan for.

Can I bring in another car and get the same price?
No.  That’s not what the program is intended for.  We want you to have a maintenance plan available to you in order to take care of your car. 
How many cars can i have on the QM plan?
As many as you wish.  But each car will require an additional fee:
Cars & Wagons  $109
Over-Sized Trucks & Suv’s $129