Keeping your vehicles exterior clean not only prolongs its life but having a shiny clean vehicle is a statement. We have various levels of external cleaning. Our service starts with a professional hand-wash, a hand dry and detailed wheels and tires.

In most cases, we can restore the finish of your car to “nearly new”! This process takes time and patience to do it right! We repair a lot of poor attempts at buffing. We may be more, but no one is better at this than GorillaShine!

 Our Version of an Exterior Detail includes: Hand Wash, Chamois Dry and hand applied “Premier” by IGL Coatings. More technically advanced than Carnauba Wax, “Premier” is a hydrophobic, high gloss, high slick and dirt repelling coating that will last up to six months,  We also clean door jambs, windows in/out, wheels & shine the tires